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Photos were taken by : Cary Ho &


  • Chris
    Chris Brooke

    Chris.... Chris is a special friend. There's no one else that I can actually say would volunteer to spend up to 8hrs a day for 2 and a half weeks following me from behind while I was wearing nothing but thin lycra (it was a charity cycling event, OK?).

    We've been honest with each other, paid each other out, helped each other through losing our best mate and earns special mention on visiting me in HK on an annual basis. Visit The Keg in LKF, read the message he wrote on the Australian $5 note and you'll get a glimpse into who he is.

  • Justin Ho
    Justin Ho
    Bro: The Chinese Canadian Type

    Credit to Justin for not dismissing me the first time we caught up. The rather odd experience of seeing a guy taking a picture of the calorie and nutritional values on a lunch box to log later on should probably have been enough to trigger a few alarm bells.

    Justin has been a spiritual brother which helped turn Hong Kong into a 2nd home to me. He embodies the Christian faith, has sowed into both mine and Sharon's life, and importantly shares the same distaste for social media as me.

  • Jamie Baldwin
    Jamie Baldwin
    My 4km sprint pacer
    Jamie is an influencer. A damn good one too. Whenever people ask me why Jamie and I are friends (and there's quite a few that do ask that question...) the first thing I always tell them is that 'Jamie doesn't have boundaries'. He's the guy you go have coffee with to get inspired and be encouraged to believe nothing is out of your reach. The generiosity and support that he's given without hesitation is what counts and it's an honour to have him part of this day.
  • Clement Chan
    Clement Chan
    Doesn't drink tea after 6pm

    Secretly I've always had slight disdain towards the Brits. Shortly after we agreed to rent a place together and Clem started drinking PG Tips while draped in the flag of England, I thought we might have to stay out of each others way in all Aus v Eng sports.

    Despite the rocky start, Clem has become a good mate of mine and has been the type of person you're proud to have part of your wedding. His generousity is beyond expectations and has been an ongoing source of Godly wisdom into my life. He also isn't into cricket which makes the above possible.

  • Lachy
    Lachlan Davies
    Long-long term friend
    Everyone needs at least one friend which you could literally end an argument trading punches, wake up the next day, call each other a 'jerk', and then get over it. Lachy is that guy to me. From encouraging each other to quit Advanced Mathematics (albeit unsuccessfully, we still don't know why simple math people were learning how to dig a garden), countless hours fishing, and his passion for working against social injustices, there's no way he wouldn't be part of this day.
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  • Cissy Ho
    Cissy Ho
    20 years of Friendship
    Cissy and I met in grade 7 when Cissy was already taller, and looking fierce. We became pen friends, neighours, best friends, then sisters in Christ. Cissy is sharp, capable, loving and is a person who builds community. It has been an honour to grow with her throughout my life and have her as my bridesmaid.

  • Iris Tsang
    Iris Tsang
    Blood Sister
    Although our brother takes most of the attention in recent years, Iris is the hidden gem amongst the three of us. Arty, dreamy, full of ideas, she is an extraordinary girl with passion and energy packed in one. With shared love on dramatic creativity; Iris, Dayday and I rock our house regularly from K-pop to Canto opera. She will be the first to give you some model poses at the wedding.
  • Fish Wong
    Fish Wong
    Quirky Classmate

    Fish and I met in university, sharing long working hours in the sewing room. Soon we became good partners in our design work. Fish is shy but a great listener, supporting me whenever I decide to do something unconventional, like skipping school to sew with asylum seekers, missing graduation ceremony for a Beijing adventure. I would like her to be my personal dresser now I have her for at least one big day!

  • Helen Pang
    Helen Pang
    Spicy girlfriend
    Helen is one of the most honest persons I know. She offers no hidden punches, and loves wholeheartedly. We come face to face on things that we agree and disagree on, and learn to be completely ok with our differences. She sticks around in the highs and lows, gifting my care package for my heavy travelling. From homeless ministry to bible study, Seoul to Sanya, we shared joy and tears, jazz and coffee.
  • Cary Ho
    Cary Ho
    Sweets addict
    Cary from Hong Kong, is an ambassador of China. We met at church a few years back, and were generally excited to find out we both love fashion and Beijing. Cary is always an available friend and is the way to all practical information! She is an inspiring fighter and my appointed unibrow photographer! We share much common love on cafes in China, big cities, remote towns, and most of all, the respect and interest on our motherland. Nevertheless, it is her love of desserts that make her a legend - something that bonded her with Nathan very well... She will be snapping everywhere on the day, make sure to get in her lens!
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Ceremony: Saturday, May 10, 2014
3:00 pm


Our ceremony will take place at The Vine Church auditorium, situated right in the middle of Wan Chai. The address is 29 Burrows Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


For our international guests, fly into the Hong Kong International Airport (airport code HKG).

We can recommend some areas for accommodation in the city. Ideally anywhere that surrounds Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island is a great option.

Drop us an email and we can help direct you from there.


Dear friends and family,

Having you with us to celebrate this day means more than any gift and our desire is to simply celebrate with our close friends and family.

However, we do understand and appreciate that you may want to bless us with a gift as we start our new life. If anything, please feel free to give towards funding our honeymoon and relocation cost as one of us will have to move.

Thank you for your love.

Sharon & Nathan